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How It Works

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Sentimently is free while still in beta! Sign up in seconds and get access immediately. No tedious onboarding process.


Create Your Study

Choose the right medium for your study. We currently support audio or video clips, as well as live events!


Share Your Study With Your Audience

Every study is assigned a unique URL that you will share with your participants. Participants will access our testing page, where they will provide you with feedback.


Watch The Data Come In

As participants begin their dial testing, you'll receive data that you can view in real-time and after the fact.


Analyze Your Data & Make Better Decisions

Pinpoint critical moments in your study on a moment-by-moment basis with the help of our charts.



100% Web Based

No more dials. No wires. Dial testing from the comfort of your mobile device or computer.

Real-Time Responses

Sentimently sends data from your study participants to our servers in real-time. Customize your polling intervals down to the second.

Easy Data Analysis

See critical moments throughout your study easily on our beautiful charts.

Painless Data Exports

Get comprehensive reports in seconds with our data-export functionality.

Multiple Mediums

Easily perform studies on audio, video, or live events. We even support YouTube videos!

Charts, Charts, & More Charts!

No more dials. No wires. Dial testing from the comfort of your mobile device or computer.


1. Who is Sentimently for?

Anyone that needs to gather moment-to-moment data. From TV-pilot testing, to jury selection and marketing research, we've seen it all!

2. Will my study medium and responses be shared with anyone else?

No! Your choice of medium and responses are 100% confidential, and will not be shared with any third-parties or other Sentimently users.

3. Do you offer custom qualitative data analysis?

At this time, we don't offer custom analysis or data gathering. However, in upcoming releases we will be adding additional functionality to help you analyze and make decisions based on your data.

4. Are there any restrictions to the Sentimently BETA?

Nope! If you get in the BETA program, you'll receive full access to all of our systems.

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